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Prof. Samuel Sami Howard
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TranasPacific Energy Inc & UCACUE, Canada
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Dr. Samuel Sami-Howard is the Founder of TransPacific Energy, las Vegas NV, US and a renewable energy professor and director of the Research Center for Renewable Energy, CER, at the UCACUE.
Dr. Sami was for 25 years Professor and Director of Research Centre for Energy Conversion, University of Moncton. He also regularly lectures in his area of expertise. He received his Ph. D from University of Montreal, Canada and JD from Novus Law School, US. He authored and co-authored over 210 published papers on Energy Conversion, Renewable Energy, thermal storage, Refrigerant Mixtures and their use in waste heat recovery and power production, area of hybrid renewable energy: PV, PV-thermal solar, geothermal energy, thermal energy storage, biomass, wind turbines, and MHD as well as use of nanofluids in solar collectors.
Dr. Sami holds 14 patents in the area of refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures, thermodynamics, energy management and conversion, heat recovery and green energy as well as renewable energy. Also he is Renewable Energy professor at UCACUE and director of Research Center for Renewable Energy.