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The Introduction of the Special Issue

The demand for sustainable use of energy and water has been more significant in recent times. With growing demand from both developing and developed nations, shift to cleaner sources of energy and water has been widely advertised. The aim of the special issue to highlight new methodology, techniques that have been devised to assess renewable energy sources and optimum water utilization. Impacts and benefits of integrating these techniques on the society, industry and decision-makers. The special issue welcomes critical analysis of existing policy framework and perspective ideas for sustainable use of resources.


The Research Scope of the Special Issue

·Advancements in Renewable Energy Assessment and development Techniques

·Advancements in Water Resources Assessment and development Techniques

·Integration of Water and Energy sustainability- concepts to practice

·Community Impact assessment on Energy and Water resources development

·Application of AI Techniques for water and energy demand, optimization and sustainability


The Article Title of the Special Issue

1:Challenges in Integration of Water and Renewable Energy Sustainability

2:Challenges in achieving sustainable water-energy demand

3:Advancements in Natural Resources Management for Energy and Water Sustainability

4:Advanced Research on sustainable development goals for energy and water security

5:Feasible solutions for integrating renewable energy and water demands in Developing countries


Submission guidelines

All papers should be submitted via the Insight-Energy Science submission system: http://insight.piscomed.com/index.php/I-ES/

Submitted articles should not be published or under review elsewhere. All submissions will be subject to the journal’s standard peer review process. Criteria for acceptance include originality, contribution, scientific merit and relevance to the field of interest of the Special Issue.


Important Dates

Paper Submission Due: August 24 , 2019


The lead Guest editors

Sanjeev Gadad