Application of New Energy Natural Gas in Ship Engineering

Zhennan Yang, Liqun Pei, Jinsheng Zhu


Traditional ships are mainly fueled by diesel or gasoline, which are produced from the oil and are non-renewable. People are now rapidly consuming oil and burning oil generates poisonous gases day and night. Because of the soaring oil prices and the deteriorating ecology, many ship-owners are seeking an alternative energy to replace oil. Among all possible candidates, the calling of natural gas is getting higher and higher. This paper discusses the application of natural gas in ship engineering, and explains in detail the advantages and disadvantages. Natural gas may not be a new energy but has rarely been used in ship engineering so far. We conclude that its application in ship engineering helps to alleviate the fuel shortage in the future. 


Natural gas; Ship engineering; Power plant specification

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/i-es.v1i1.113


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