Advanced Control Techniques for Enhance the Power System Stability at OOS Condition

Ali M. Eltamaly, Yehia Sayed Mohamed, Abou-Hashema M. El-Sayed, Amer Nasr A. Elghaffar


The power system stability is the accurate operation of the electric grid by restoring balance after being subjected to an abnormal condition such as fault, line switching, load rejection, and loss of excitation. Protective equipment in high voltage substations should fast and precisely localize the faults. Some abnormal conditions in the power system such as out-of-step (OOS) condition which is not a real fault, but the protection equipment will consider it is. This misjudgment will cause the loss of synchronism between areas within the power system or between interconnected systems and will lead to blackout of the national grid. This paper studied the OOS condition, philosophy of protection relay device and how to avoid the false operation for distance function by Out of Step Blocking (OSB) by using the advanced protection relay, to improve the stability of power system. 


Power System, OOS, Advanced Relay, Protection System and Transient.

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