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The Introduction of the Special Issue

The publication includes several axes of published research to prepare and synthesize a number of legands that are used in the formation of complexes with a number of transition metals, whether conventional or nano.

characterization of complexes prepared by spectral methods ,study of biological and toxicological activity or with cancer cell lines kinetic or thermodynamic study,theory studies with Hyperchim or ChemOffice or Dock.


The Research Scope of the Special Issue

· coordination chemistry

· bioinorganic chemistry

· metal complexes

· transition metal

· mixed ligand complexes


The Article Title of the Special Issue

1: synthesis

2: preparation , characterization

3: spectral studies

4: thermodynamic and kinetic studies

5: thermal study

6: theoretical study  

7: biological activity


Submission guidelines

All papers should be submitted via the Insight - Organic Chemistry submission system:


Submitted articles should not be published or under review elsewhere. All submissions will be subject to the journal’s standard peer review process. Criteria for acceptance include originality, contribution, scientific merit and relevance to the field of interest of the Special Issue.


Important Dates

Paper Submission Due: September 30 ,2019


The Lead Guest Editor

Omar Hamad Shihab Al-Obaidi