Design of Unmanned Monitoring and Automatic Monitoring System

Xudong Ding


With the development of electronic technology, medical equipment is also undergoing some changes, and the
traditional manual monitoring mode is clearly more and more unsatisfi ed with today’s monitoring needs. At present,
china's medical institutions in the infusion treatment, the infusion rate control or the use of conventional clinical
infusion, general use of hanging bottle infusion, and direct observation with the eyes, relying on manual clip to control
the infusion rate, this mode of operation cannot be precisely controlled Infusion speed, and the workload. Therefore,
the need for both cheap and practical medical infusion detection monitoring device to meet today's medical needs.
The system is designed with the single chip AT89C51 as the core, the keyboard and photoelectric sensor as the input
system to digital tube and motor as the output system of intelligent infusion control and monitoring system. The
keyboard system is a stand-alone key system, the function of the photoelectric sensor for the liquid droplet speed and
infusion bottle page height of the reliable detection. When the liquid level is below the alert value, the system issues
an alarm and can manually remove the alarm. The motor has a large controllable power and the input pulse can be
maintained when the same torque and other advantages, so that you can control the bottle by the upper and lower
slowly to achieve the purpose of intelligent control of liquid drip speed.


single-chip; photoelectric sensor; stepper motor

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