Fault Reason and Diagnosis of Electronic Control Automatic Transmission of Modern

Kun Liu


The mechanical transmission of automobile is very effi cient, reliable and simple structure, but it is easy to wear the
parts prematurely because of its dynamic load. In the case of complex external conditions, the frequent operation
of the clutch, shift lever and throttle, increasing the burden on the driver is not conducive to safe driving. In recent
decades, automatic transmission has been an unprecedented development; electronic control automatic transmission
has become the development direction of modern car transmission. But the electronic control automatic transmission
structure complex production cost is high, its repair and troubleshooting put forward the harsh requirements of the
maintenance personnel maintenance technology and understanding of the degree also constitutes a certain degree
of difficulty, this article for the modern car electronic control automatic transmission development History and
composition and function of the failure of the fi le is not up to speed to make a major study, discusses the modern car
electronic control automatic transmission of the main components and functions and upshift is not speed. The cause
and diagnosis of the exclusion of the automatic control of automotive electronic control and maintenance of great
signifi cance.


electronic control automatic transmission upshift not speed detection maintenance failure cau

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