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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Insight - Communication


The reactions of 3-arylmethylene-2(3H)-furanones with N-nucleophiles proceeds with the opening of the lactone ring. Further course of the reaction depends on the structure of initial reagent, the capacity of the nucleophile and the reaction conditions and can lead to the formation of amides, 4-oxoalkanoic hydrazides, benzofurans, furopyridines, phenanthrenes, pyridazinones and other recyclization products. This opens a convenient way to obtain a large number of new compounds, both cyclic and acyclic, representing interest as reagents in organic synthesis and biologically active objects.

The Lead Guest Editor

Sayed K. Ramadan

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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Insight-Communication


This special issue calls for innovative and unpublished high-quality research papers on Recent Advancement in Printed Antennas for Wireless Communication. This issue is open to all researchers, engineers and scientists in the world working in the area of micro-strip / printed antenna for wireless communication for contributing their advance research aimed at mobile communication, such as 5G, RFID, Wi-Fi, WPAN, etc. further no limit for advancement. Also, high-quality review papers are welcomed.

The Lead Guest Editor

Surendra Kumar Gupta

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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Insight - Communication


Wireless communication systems are highly susceptible to malicious jamming attacks and interference signals. These attacks are sent via communication links at the same frequency as the intended signal. The sent information is thus corrupted and the receiver is unable to correctly decode the sent data stream.Anti jamming system that is able to respond intelligently to such malicious attacks, block them and enable the correct decoding of a messages. System objectives are energy consumption at the lowest level and the bit error rate is maintained.  

The Lead Guest Editor

Syeda Shaima Sani

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Journal Notice: IoT, low-power devices and smart systems


The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming very popular in areas such as smart cities, healthcare and others in which information needs to be collected from different places at the same time. However, IoT devices have to be deployed in hostile environments and open areas commonly, which are difficult to reach in order to protect the system. Thus, these devices need to be low-power in order to be useful, which is a challenge.

The Lead Guest Editor

Juan P. Dominguez-Morales

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Journal Notice: Novel algorithm or protocol for mobile edge computing in IOT


Mobile Edge Computing(MEC)provides mobile and cloud computing capabilities within the access network, and aims to unite the telco and IT at the mobile network edge. It is a new network architecture concept that offers a service environment with ultralow latency, high-bandwidth, and direct access to real-time network information. Mobile Edge Computing has emerged as a promising paradigm to provide pervasive computing and storage services for mobile and big data applications.

The Lead Guest Editor

Degan Zhang

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