Analysis of civil engineering construction technology and its future development

Juntao Mao


With the rapid development of the current economic society, civil engineering construction technology has made great progress as well, which has promoted the development of the entire construction industry and is conducive to continuously improving people's living conditions. Therefore, it is quite important to explore and study this topic. This paper analyzes and discusses the current development situation and future prospects of civil engineering construction technology, aiming to promote its good development and provide more comfortable and pleasant living environment for people.


Civil engineering; construction technology; future development

Full Text:



Wang LJ. Study on the influence of safety industry research results on the quality of civil engineering [J]. Journal of Taiyuan University (natural science edition) 2019; 37(04): 5-8.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ice.v2i1.303


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