Discussion on the main points of construction quality control in civil engineering

Xiangming Zhou


With the improvement of comprehensive development level, civil engineering is perceived a promoted position in the development of the whole market economy in China. Civil engineering is an important link for building construction. Good civil engineering construction management ensures the overall engineering quality control level. Through the reasonable analysis of construction standards, construction contents and construction steps of civil engineering, the actual construction control and management methods of civil engineering are defined, the effective control scheme of civil engineering quality is analyzed, and reasonable suggestions for solving problems are put forward, so as to realize effective control and management of civil engineering construction quality in China. This paper makes an analysis of the actual construction control and fully studies the measures and schemes of the actual construction quality control to improve the management efficiency of the construction quality control of civil engineering.


Civil engineering; construction quality; control analysis

Full Text:



Ran ML. Research on construction technology of mass concrete structure in civil engineering buildings [J]. Building Materials and Decoration 2019; (36): 10-11.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ice.v2i1.304


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