Research on damage diagnosis for civil engineering structures

Hao Luo


In the construction of such an important basic engineering project as civil engineering, the main problem faced by constructors is the structural system damage. Therefore, scientific diagnostic methods are needed to find out locations and causes of the damages in time. For this reason, people have carried out in-depth analysis according to the system form and composition mode of civil structure, and have developed a variety of scientific and reliable diagnostic methods combined with its related damage problems. With the rapid development of diagnostic technology, inspectors have a clearer understanding and knowledge of all kinds of damage problems, and can also use a variety of diagnostic methods reasonably to find out.


Civil engineering; damage; diagnostic method

Full Text:



Du M. Analysis of control methods for technical quality of high-rise building civil engineering [J]. Henan Building Materials 2020; (01): 86-87.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ice.v2i1.306


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