Study on Secondary Cable Adjustment for Cable-stayed Bridges Without back Cables

Zengshou Sun, Xiaocong Liu, Jianfeng Ma


The structure of cable-stayed bridge without back cable is a new breakthrough.In this paper, the cable adjustment process of linzhou yingbin bridge is studied. the whole bridge model is established using the finite element software MIDAS CIVIL.This paper compares the measured cable force with the designed cable force and gets range of cable force difference, The influence matrix method is used for the second cable adjustment to ensure that the stress and structural deformation in the process of cable adjustment are within the range of the design requirements.The cable force variation of the whole bridge is detected by dynamic measuring instrument to ensure the construction safety in the process of cable adjustment.



Backless Cable-stayed Bridge; the Adjustment of Cable Force; Analytical investigation; Influence Matrix Method

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ice.v3i1.313


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