Issue Title
Vol 2,No 1( Published) Analysis of civil engineering construction technology and its future development Abstract   PDF
Juntao Mao
Vol 4, No 1(In publishing) Analysis of Energy Structure and Alternative Energy Development Abstract   PDF
Yitong Niu, Andrei Korneev, Andrei Korneev
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Analysis of Influence Factors on Line Shape of High-speed Railway Beam-Arch Combination Bridge Abstract   PDF
Daihai Chen, Zhenqi Xu, Yuanmiao Qiu
Vol 3, No 2: (Published) Analysis on Energy-Saving and Green Technology and Optimization Measures in Civil Engineering Construction Abstract   PDF
Delin Qi
Vol 3, No 2: (Published) Application and Research of Soil Mixing Wall Abstract   PDF
Runjie Gu
Vol 1, No 1(Published) Application of Waterproof Technology in Construction Engineering Abstract   PDF
Jintu Lin
Vol 3, No 2: (Published) Discussion on Construction Technology of Road Subgrade in Civil Engineering Abstract   PDF
De Zhang
Vol 4, No 1(In publishing) Discussion on the Development Status and Optimization Strategy of Civil Engineering in China Abstract   PDF
Xinhua Liu
Vol 2,No 1( Published) Discussion on the main points of construction quality control in civil engineering Abstract   PDF
Xiangming Zhou
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Influence of Surcharge Load on the Adjacent Pile Foundation in Coastal Floodplain Abstract   PDF
Hao Zhang, Kai Sun
Vol 4, No 1(In publishing) Main Problems Existing in the Process of Civil Engineering Construction and Optimization Suggestions Abstract   PDF   PDF
Huiyi Wang
Vol 4, No 1(In publishing) On the Status Quo and Improvement Ways of Civil Engineering Teaching in China’s Colleges and Universities Abstract   PDF
Wei He
Online First Optimization of Fly-Ash to Soil Mix Ratio and Curing Period for Subgrade Use Abstract   PDF
M A Karim
Online First pH–Assisted Strength Gain Projection for Green Cement Mortar Composite Containing Marble Powder By-Product: Substitution and Intergrinding Methods Abstract   PDF
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Problems and Countermeasures of Double Row Pile Support Structure of Deep Foundation Pit in Geotechnical Engineering Abstract   PDF
Yaqi Sun
Vol 1, No 1(Published) Reinforced Concrete Protective Layer in Construction Abstract   PDF
Lijun Gao
Vol 2,No 1( Published) Research and development of civil engineering intelligent structure system Abstract   PDF
Hongying Xu
Vol 1, No 1(Published) Research on Crack Control of Mass Concrete Structure Abstract   PDF
Honglong Su
Vol 2,No 1( Published) Research on damage diagnosis for civil engineering structures Abstract   PDF
Hao Luo
Vol 3, No 2: (Published) Research on the Overall and Local Mechanical Behaviors of Steel Box Girder Cable-Stayed Bridge via Incremental Launching Construction Abstract   PDF
Piyun Zhang, Xinwen Jiang, Huilian Gan
Vol 3, No 2: (Published) Research on the Quality Control of Civil Engineering of High-Rise Buildings Abstract   PDF
Deqiang Liao
Vol 1, No 1(Published) Road construction and quality control Abstract   PDF
Xiangzheng Cheng
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Study on Secondary Cable Adjustment for Cable-stayed Bridges Without back Cables Abstract   PDF
Zengshou Sun, Xiaocong Liu, Jianfeng Ma
Vol 4, No 1(In publishing) Study on the applicable technology of energy saving in rural residential buildings Abstract   PDF   PDF
Dehui Liu
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Study on Thermal Insulation Measures for Construction of Reinforcement Sleeve Grouting Connection in Winter Abstract   PDF
Fangzhen Zhu, Wenbo Li, Benguo Xing, Lulu Zhang
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