Ways to Improve College Students’ Employability from the Perspective of Human Resource Management

Zheng Wang, Xiaoxia Yang


Compared with other stages of education, college education has distinct characteristics in terms of teaching positioning, teaching objectives and education content. The purpose of college education is to improve students’ professional ability and quality in the process of education, so as to lay a foundation for students’ future development and growth. Through college education, students can better step into the society, engage in the corresponding social production and obtain the corresponding goods and materials. But at the present stage of practice, the employment ability of college students is relatively weak. This paper also focuses on the cultivation of college students’ employability, mainly explores the problems existing in college students’ employability from the perspective of human resource management, and how to effectively improve college students’ employability.


Human Resource Management; Employability; College Education; Strategies Analysis

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ii.v3i3.443


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