An Exploration on the Effective Way to Solve the Bottleneck in Improving the Overall Grain Production Capacity

Xichang Yao, Yonggang Zhang, Hang Yao, Gaofeng Zong, Xiali Zhang


There are four constraints and bottlenecks in improving the overall grain production capacity in China. Among them, poor infrastructure and weak disaster resistance is the basic factor. And high cost and risk in grain production is another factor affecting the overall grain production capacity in China. And the third one is relatively low degree in large scale production and slow speed in land transfer. Last but not the least, we are facing the problem of increasing population aging of rural labor force and low level in applying agricultural science and technology in agricultural production. Therefore, we must find out effective ways to break the four bottlenecks as soon as possible. Firstly, it shall increase the investment in agricultural infrastructure to improve the comprehensive agricultural production capacity; Secondly, it shall increase direct subsidies to farmers so as to mobilize their enthusiasm in agricultural production; Thirdly, it shall increase the financial transfer payment to agricultural areas to rise the enthusiasm of local governments in developing agriculture; Finally, it shall increase the investment in agricultural science and technology to improve the technological level of agricultural production.


Overall Grain Production Capacity; Constraints and Bottlenecks; Effective ways

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ii.v3i3.453


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