Case Study on the Scope, History and Scale of the Fintech Industry

Weikang Dong


The fintech definition and how has it evolved over time. The major players in fintech industry. Many conditions have contributed to the emergence of fintech. What are the four options that Costa could share with her client? The historical M&A data tell us about the fintech landscape. Which other alternatives could this bank focus on to create value in the fintech space? How are fintech companies valued in comparison to the broader market? What are typical multiples and why are fintech companies priced as such? What is the financial outlook for legacy banks in view of new entrants into the financial institutions space? Is panic from big banks justified or is fintech just a trend of the moment? What is the impact of fintech on banks and the financial services industry at large? How might the future look for banks and fintech companies?


Fintech; Financial Institutions; Costa; Strategic Move; Shortcomings; Crypto-Currency Space; Scalability; Development

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