Study on Automatic Yarn Feeding Device in Textile Workshop

Changxin Cao, Weiping Luo


According to the characteristics of low automation, high labor cost and high labor intensity of bobbin transfer and upper and lower frames in textile workshop, an automatic yarn loading device composed of handling system, rotating platform, image acquisition system and upper and lower frame system is designed. Firstly, the work flow of the four systems in the textile workshop is introduced. Secondly, the image acquisition and processing methods are described in detail. Finally, the circle fitting is mapped to the original image, the fitting circle of the original image is positioned through the binocular vision imaging principle, and finally the yarn is loaded through the upper and lower yarn frame system.


Automatic Handling; Image Acquisition and Processing; Binocular Vision Calibration; Automatic Yarn Feeding; Automation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ii.v3i3.467


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