The Introduction of the Special Issue

This special issue focus on recycle of Plastic waste and subsequently used for packaging material .


The Research Scope of the Special Issue

· polymer nanocomposites can find numerous applications in the food processing industries .

· A new system of unsaturated polyester nanocomposite depending upon fabrication method can be nvestigated for the sorption and diffusion studies .

· montmorillonite filled unsaturated polyester nanocomposite derived from PET can be studied in various acidic medium for food packaging application point of view.

· the state of the art of the main technology which allows us to recycle PET for value-added products.

· Thermal and mechanical characterization of the MMT-filled nanocomposites helped to establish criteria for the selection of materials for specific use.


The Article Title of the Special Issue

1. PET degradation and stability

2. Method to control styrene in the manufacturing of unsaturated polyester derived from PET waste

3. Reinforcement material for unsaturated polyester derived from Pet waste

4. Polymer testing of saturated polyester

5. Optimization of different curing agents used for thermoset unsaturated polyester


Submission guidelines

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Important Dates

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The Lead Guest Editor

Sunain Katoch