Polyethylene plastic production process

Xiuhua Zhong, Xudong Zhao, Yongkang Qian, Yan Zou


Polyethylene has become the most important polyolefin plastic with excellent mechanical properties, processing properties and chemical stability. It is used in the production of film, packaging and pipe. However, the non-polar property and low rigidity limit its application in certain fields. The new progress of chemical and physical modification upon polyethylene are reviewed. The former includes graft modification, chlorination, copolymerization modification, crosslinking modification, chlorosulfonation modification and plasma modification. There are different methods of polyethylene production which include high-, medium- and low-pressure polyethylene. All three methods had their own benefits and shortcomings which coexist in the industry. 


polyethylene high-pressure production process

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ims.v1i1.104


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