Introduction to Piezoelectric Actuators: Research Misconceptions and Rectifications - Part II

Kenji Uchino


Piezoelectric actuator developments require interdisciplinary knowledge on materials physics, electrical designing and mechanical engineering. Because of the limited knowledge of newly-involved researchers, they occasionally publish misleading information, some sort of misconceptions, reflected in the delay of innovative developments of the next generation. This paper is Part II of a series of my tutorial course, and reviews the popular 10 among the researchers’ misconceptions primarily related with the misunderstanding of ‘voltage and electric field’, ‘ionic displacement and strain’, ‘thin film fabrication’, ‘energy transmission coefficient’, ‘thin film device designing’, ‘piezoelectric vibration damping’, ‘mechanical impedance matching’, ‘piezoelectric energy harvesting”, ‘resonance & anti-resonance’, ‘best-selling devices’, and provides rectifications, aiming at their future progress.


Piezoelectric actuator; Strain; Efficiency; Energy transmission coefficient; Mechanical impedance matching; Resonance/antiresonance; Piezoelectic energy harvesting

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