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  • xie weijie ohn Doe?Metro University; Master University?Computer of Computer Science
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The paper deals with the effect of microstructure on the hydrogen diffusion in traditional ferritic-pearlitic HSLA steels and new high strength steels, with tempered martensite microstructures or banded ferritic-bainitic-martensitic microstructures. Diffusivity was correlated to the hydrogen embrittlement resistance of steels, evaluated by means of slow strain rate tests. 

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xie weijie, ohn Doe?Metro University; Master University?Computer of Computer Science

Professor of Science and Technology of Materials at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Bergamo since 2001. Her courses are “Metallic materials” and “Polymer, composites and ceramics” in Mechanical Engineering, “Biomaterials” for Technology Engineering for Health and “Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Technologies” for PhD in Engineering and Applied Science. Her research activity is on electrochemistry and corrosion, primary focused on the environmental assisted cracking of traditional and innovative steels for the oil and gas industry. She made some researches on biomaterials, on electrochemical characterization of the kinetic of passivity film formation on rebar in concrete, on corrosion inhibitors for chloride contaminated concrete and on the corrosion evaluation of carbon steel in CCTS (Carbon Capture Transport and Storage).Nowadays she is working on the corrosion behavior of aluminium, titanium and nickel alloys obtained by means of Direct Metal Laser Sintering in collaboration with Polytechnic of Turin and Centre for Sustainable Future of IIT of Turin, on the corrosion and stress corrosion cracking of aluminium alloys (AA7075 and AA 2024) welded by means of Friction Stir Welding in collaboration with the Mechanical Technologies group of the University of Bergamo.



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