Insight - Mine Engineering  is a comprehensive journal about mining and beneficiation of nonferrous metal mines, its content is closely connected with mine production and equipment application. This journal mainly reports on the global mine production and scientific research achievements, introduces new technology, new craft, new material and new equipment used in international mine as well as experience on how to strengthen scientific management and reduce energy consumption. It has great influence on the nonferrous metal mines, gold mines and other nonferrous enterprises.

Insight Mine Engineering adheres to the aims and purposes of promoting international scientific and cultural exchanges, exploring the rules of education, teaching and management of disaster prevention, and livening up the academic atmosphere. Besides, it also serves for scientific research and teaching.

Column Establishment of Insight Mine Engineering:

geology and mining, beneficiation, enterprise management, computer application, and others.

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Online First, the immediate online pre-published of all accepted papers. Articles in Online First are these have been initially reviewed, initially accepted and initially typeset. But they haven’t being peer-viewed and proofreaded, also, the final date of publication hasn’t been scheduled. Individual articles and its content may differ from the final version of publication, subject to the final version.

Published: 2018-09-19
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