Control charts for processes with variable mean

  • Mohammad Saber Fallahnezhad Department of Industrial Engineering, Yazd University
  • Farideh Sadeghi Department of Industrial Engineering, Science and Art University
  • Amir Ghalichehbaf Department of Industrial Engineering, Yazd University
Keywords: variable mean, Shewhart control chart, control limits, first type error


Despite of strong ability and performance of control charts to control and monitor processes, they have some problems in practical applications. If control chart’s limits are not properly designed then we receive false alarms. For example, several observations may be outside the control limits when the mean of process is in-control. Not considering the variation of the process mean at each sampling time may lead to this error. The process may be adjusted at specific mean but different working conditions and different operators may change mean of the process and it may have a small deviation from its predetermined value and this problem can lead to wrong implementation of control charts. In this paper, the effects of variable mean on control charts are analyzed. It is assumed that the mean of observation varies over time but its probability distribution is normal probability distribution function. It is observed that long-term process mean control chart generates false alarms.


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