Modeling analysis, experiments. a Three-dimensional Bridge-type mechanism. combined flexure Hinges

  • Lina Zhang
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Keywords: Modeling analysisBridge Type mechanism, Compliance matrix method, Flexure Hinges, Relative amplification


Solve."low amplification ratio. compliant bridge-type mechanism a three dimensional bridge-typeMechanism. combined flexure Hinges. proposed which not only remains. superiority. conventional bridge-type mechanisms e.g ., structure symmetry compact size, simple design but also achieves high amplification ratio.. analyze. performance. 3D bridge-type mechanism, statics model. established via.Compliance matrix method based. which a new eval Index,. relative amplification. proposed. measure. displacement loss.mechanism. several 3D bridge type mechanisms. three frequently used flexure Hinges. analyzed. established model.Show, 3D bridge-type mechanism reaches. optimal performance when V-shaped hinge, filled leaf hinge. self-employed. bridge 1, bridge 2. finally a bridge-type mechanism. amplIfication ratio 41, relative amplification. 0.9. confirmed by FEA simulation, experiments.


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