Windowed interpolation Fast Fourier Transform in Rolling Bearings Application of Fault Diagnosis

  • Fei Li
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Keywords: Rolling Bearing, TeagerEnergy Operator, Minimum Entropy Deconvolution, fault diagnosis, Interpolation


 In order to accurately identify the Fault Characteristic Frequency of rolling bearings, The Minimum Entropy Deconvolution andTeagerOn the basis of energy operator demodulation,HanningA New Fault Diagnosis Method for Rolling Bearings Based on window interpolation and fast Fourier transform. Firstly, the Minimum Entropy Deconvolution is used to denoise the bearing fault signal.TeagerAfter de-noising, the fault vibration signal is demodulated by energy operator.TeagerDemodulation spectrum; andHanningFinally, the amplitude of the three discrete spectrum near the signal frequency points is interpolated to get the accurate fault characteristic frequency. The analysis results of bearing vibration signals show thatTeagerCompared with the Energy Operator demodulation method


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