Insight - Textile Technology  covers three aspects all-around: major academic achievements in textile industry, garment industry, chemical fiber manufacturing industry, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries industry and dedicated manufacturing of textile equipment industry; new progress, new technology, new craft, new design, new products, new equipment; new ideas and methods for textile management and teaching. Highlight innovation, intersection and systematization; focus on practicality, knowledge and readability.

It is an important publication that helps technicians, teachers and students with carrying out scientific research, teaching and academic title evaluation; it is a must read magazine for industry manufacturers and practitioners; it is also an important reference material for textile industry personnel to purchasing equipment and materials.

Authoritative expert team, rich technical reserve, comprehensive industry information, it is your preferred think tank for solving textile industry and related problems. The main columns includes: industry observation, special edition, special focus, interview fiber technology, exhibition meeting, spinning technology weaving, knitting dyeing and finishing, textile chemicals, non-woven technology and industrial textiles, product development clothing technology, standards and testing, textile science and education information click, and others.