Impulse as a true measure of inertia

  • Valeriy Abramovich Etkin Togliatti State University
Keywords: amount of motion and impulse, energy and power, irreversibility and inertia, mass and acceleration, stresses and forces, principles, and postulates of mechanics


Based on the system-energodynamic method of analyzing natural and technological processes, the necessity of abandoning the paradigm of homogeneity and isotropy of space filled with matter is substantiated, and a retrospective analysis of the state of mechanics is given. The principles of the determinism of the state and the opposite direction of processes in inhomogeneous (internally non-equilibrium) systems are formulated and proved. The inevitability of the emergence of an oscillatory form of energy in them and the need to consider the latter in the law of its conservation are revealed. In this way, the necessity and possibility of generalizing all three “beginnings” of Newton’s mechanics and considering irreversibility in its equations with the introduction of the “force” efficiency of mechanical processes are shown. The non-equivalence of the momentum to Descartes’ momentum is revealed, and the invariance of the mass in acceleration is proved. It is shown that the true measure of the inertial properties of a substance is the impulse, not the mass, and a generalization of the concept of inertia to non-mechanical forms of motion is proposed. The principle of interconvertibility of the oscillatory, translational, and rotational components of the impulse of internal motion in isolated systems is proved, and thus the possibility of creating a new class of propellers in outer space on this basis is substantiated.


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