Characteristics of Solar Cell Outdoor Measurements Using Fuzzy Logic Method

  • Mohammed Rasheed Applied Sciences Department, University of Technology-Baghdad- Iraq
  • Mohammed Abdelhadi Sarhan College of Science, Department of Mathematics, Al-Mustansiriyah University-Baghdad- Iraq
Keywords: Photovoltaic cell, temperature, fuzzy logic technique, solar cell parameters, outdoor, Matlab simulink.


In this paper proposes a fuzzy logic Simulink in order to calculate a maximum output parameters of solar cell, for each index, three functions describing membership to the fuzzy subsets favorable, the temperature (temp.), open circuit voltage ( ) and short circuit currant ( ) have been defined. A fuzzy logic calculates the modules according to both the degree of membership of the indices to the subsets (L), (M), (H) and a set of decision rules. Then the modules are aggregated into the indicator parameter output of solar cell is presented.


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