Reinforced Concrete Protective Layer in Construction

Lijun Gao


Reinforced concrete structure is widely used in housing construction. In the daily work of our construction project,
the control of the physical quality of reinforced concrete structural engineering is a key point. Due to the large amount
of reinforced concrete works, we often find that the construction workers have not paid enough attention to the
thickness control of the reinforced concrete layer in the concrete structure, resulting in diff erent thickness of the steel
protective layer and the displacement of the steel. Coupled with the template size deviation and other factors caused
by the protective layer of steel does not meet the requirements, and after pouring concrete, and cannot intuitively see
its internal structure, and thus bring the hidden quality of the project. In addition to the raw material quality factors,
the deflection of the reinforced protective layer of the reinforced concrete structural members directly affects the
mechanical properties and durability of the reinforced concrete members, and the direct relationship between the
mechanical properties and the durability of the reinforced concrete structures is directly related to the mechanical
properties and the durability of the reinforced concrete structures, safety and service life of buildings. Therefore, the
parties involved in the construction and the construction should pay enough attention and concern the protective layer
of reinforced concrete structures. Here on the author involved in the construction work since the accumulation of
experience and experience, the thickness of reinforced concrete structure protective layer of the views of some views
for everyone to explore.


steel bar; concrete; protective layer; control; construction

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