Research on Crack Control of Mass Concrete Structure

Honglong Su


With the development of economy in our country, the scale of construction has become more and more complicated. This cause the problem of mass concrete cracks in industrial and civil buildings increasingly prominent and become a fairly common problem. The problem of mass cracks in mass concrete is very complex and involves all aspects related to the engineering structure. The control of temperature cracks in mass concrete foundation is related to geotechnical, structural, building materials, construction, environment and other multi-disciplinary. The hydrothermal heat released by the mass concrete in the hardening process which produces a large temperature change, and the resulting of temperature stress is the main factor leading to the occurrence of cracks in the concrete, thus aff ecting the integrity of the structure, water resistance and durability, and become structural hidden dangers. Therefore, the mass concrete in the construction must consider the crack control. The reason and control measures of the temperature cracks of mass concrete are analyzed and summarized. According to the specifi c situation, these measures are applied to the concrete large-scale basic engineering construction, and the material selection, mixing ratio, admixture, construction arrangement and pouring process, conservation and other aspects to take a strict control measures. At the same time the basic position of the internal and external temperature diff erence was monitored. The temperature control measures and monitoring results taken for the basic engineering provide a reference for the construction of similar projects and provide the basis for further theoretical research


mass concrete; crack control; hydration heat; temperature stress

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ice.v1i1.118


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