Analysis on Energy-Saving and Green Technology and Optimization Measures in Civil Engineering Construction

Delin Qi


Energy-saving and green technology plays an important role in the development of civil engineering in the new era. The concept of energy saving and environmental protection can not only ensure the coordination between civil engineering construction and urban living environment, but also reduce construction cost and avoid energy consumption. This article analyzes the common problems in the construction of civil engineering, and discusses the application of energy-saving and green technology in civil engineering. Corresponding measures are also put forward to promote the energy-saving and green technology, as well as the sustainable development of the construction industry.


Civil Engineering; Construction; Green and Environmental Protection

Full Text:



Zhang Z. Analysis of energy-saving construction technology in housing construction (in Chinese). Home 2020; (21): 72–73.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ice.v3i2.356


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