The Innovation of Modern Management System

Junjie Wu


Institutional innovation refers to the dynamic process of generating, denying, abandoning or changing the old system (or the old institutional structure) of the new system (or the new institutional structure). Specifi cally, the private small and medium enterprise system innovation is 'the enterprise as the main body, in order to better realize the function of the enterprise system, in the income and cost evaluation on the basis of the system supply within the scope of the design of the new enterprise system process.' Institutional innovation mainly covers the aspects of enterprise property relations, governance structure, distribution fi nancing, operation mechanism, management mode and other aspects of innovation, and other innovations and other innovations are both common and personality and signifi cant features. First of all, the system innovation of private small and medium-sized enterprises is the prerequisite of a series of innovative activities such as product innovation, technological innovation and market innovation. It is an important system guarantee of active innovation and continuous innovation. Secondly, the enterprise system should be developed with the development of productive forces and market economy And the continuous improvement, we must adapt to the needs of economic globalization, innovation; In addition, the system’s innovation involves diff erent levels within the enterprise mechanism changes, but also related to external fi nancial system reform, social security system reform, government reform and other external system Change, we must proceed from the system point of view, pay attention to the external system innovation and internal system innovation to coordinate the operation, to promote their interaction.


enterprise culture system innovation mechanism change technological innovation

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