Study of Body Posture in Latin Dance and Its Important Significance

Lilin Cai


In this fast-developing era of the 21st century, the spread of culture is far beyond people’s imagination. Since it was introduced into China, Latin dance has developed rapidly and now entered colleges and universities as a novel major. The focus of the education of Latin dance has gradually turned from popularization to cultivating specialized Latin dancer. Professional physical colleges and dance schools have also established art departments or dance departments one after another to ensure more students to obtain corresponding qualifications through theoretical and practical learning professionally and systematically, and pursue the artistic temperament and enthusiasm brought by dance. However, in the development process of modern Latin dance in China, there are some defects in universities’ Latin dance courses. It is especially important to understand the importance of body posture in Latin dance. This paper introduces the requirements of five kinds of Latin dances on body posture. By using the methods of literature, induction and analysis, interview and investigation, combined with the characteristics of Latin dance, this paper explores and analyzes body posture in Latin dance and its important significance. Then the practice methods of body posture in Latin dance and its influence on Latin dance practice in the future are obtained.


Body Posture; Latin Dance; Important Significance; Practice Method

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/iss.v2i1.320


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