NJUCM Participating in Chinese Medicine Service Trade Collaboration Meeting


From September 17 to 18, jointly organized by the Global Trade and Economical Collaboration, Ministry of Commerce and the Nanjing Municipal Government, the 2020 Global Service Trade Conference was held in Nanjing, China. NJUCM as National Chinese Medicine Service Export Base jointly built by the Ministry of Commerce and the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, attended the conference and jointly held the Chinese Medicine Service Trade Collaboration Meeting with Nanjing Commerce Bureau, Nanjing Commission of Health and Wellbeing, NJUCM affiliated hospital Jiangsu Provincial TCM Hospital. Professor Sun Zhiguang, NJUCM Vice President delivered a report on the meeting.

Centering around the theme “Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, Service around the Globe”, the Chinese Medicine Service Trade Collaboration Meeting presented the innovational achievements in the field of Chinese medicine trade, and provided communication platform for the in-depth exploration and innovative development for Chinese medicine service trade. Professor Sun Zhiguang presented to the participating institutions from home and abroad the construction achievements of NJUCM in the field of international communication and education, introduced the future planning of NJUCM as the National Chinese Medicine Service Export Base, promoted to the globe NJUCM’s progresses in medical care, education, research and cultural exchanges with aim to further facilitating the international collaboration in Chinese medicine. Professor Zhai Yuxiang, Dean of Jiangsu Provincial TCM Hospital, and Ms Zheng Lijuan, Marketing Director of Nanjing Haichang Herbal Group introduced the Chinese medicine service trade achievements and future planning respectively. Institutions from Germany, Switzerland, UK, France and Philippines virtually joined the meeting.

Posted: 2021-01-25

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Posted: 2018-09-14
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