A Case Study on the Correction of Attack Behavior of Autistic Children

Jianwen Shen


Based on the natural observation, this study analyzes the diff erence causes of pushing behavior of autistic children in three situations, and has developed a correction plan including regression, punishment, and positive reinforcement to eff ectively correct the case of the aggressive behavior. The results show that: (1) the push behavior of the cases is reduced in three situations; (2) the combined use of regression and shaping has completely corrected the push behavior of the case free exercise; (3) the punishment and the molding method are obviously reduced (4) During the meal period, the transfer of attention and the addition of the sharing class make the case attack behavior twists and turns, although the period has been repeated, but until the end is still decreasing; the research also found that the behavior correction method has certain pertinence and precaution in the selection and application: (1) The long-term eff ect of eliminating the attack behavior is to form the appropriate substitute behavior; (2) Correctly deal with the regression method in the outbreak; (3) the correct use of punishment, to avoid side eff ects; (4) the eff ect of diff erent attention to the transfer of attention.


autism attack behavior case study

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