Research on the Mode of Medical Synergistic Construction in Provincial Area Based on Cloud Computing Model

Ruiguo Li


This paper was based on the provincial community health information platform cloud computing project of Henan province, which provided business access for the cooperative medical care of provincial, city, county, township and village health institutions. The construction contents included remote consultation, the two-way referral, image collaboration, video conferencing, comprehensive management, medical data collection, distance education, mobile consultation, through the information technology to standardize medical service process, promote the regional medical information system standardization and information interoperability, and gradually guide patients, who stayed in the region, to seek treatment according to type of disease and related specialist orderly, will be effective to solve the problem of 'difficult and expensive to see a doctor', and also for other regional medical cooperation to provide construction suggestion.


cloud computing area; medical and health information system; standardization medical; collaborative health information; integrated management system

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