Insight - Linguistics is an international open access, peer-reviewed online journal. It publishes articles and book reviews in the traditional disciplines of linguistics as well as in neighboring disciplines insofar as these are deemed to be of interest to linguists and other students of natural language. Linguistics also publishes occasional Special Issues in these fields for which it welcomes proposals.


Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Insight - Linguistics


This special edition of the journal shall be mainly, though not entirely limited, to writings in this intellectual aspect, in order to draw attention to the clear and present danger posed to the planet by the unrestrained and indiscriminate use of its resources without any concomitant attempt at remediation or restoration.

The Lead Guest Editor

 Psalms Chinaka

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Online First
Online First, the immediate online pre-published of all accepted papers. Articles in Online First are these have been initially reviewed, initially accepted and initially typeset. But they haven’t being peer-viewed and proofreaded, also, the final date of publication hasn’t been scheduled. Individual articles and its content may differ from the final version of publication, subject to the final version.
Published: 2019-10-10
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