Insight - Applied Surface & Interface Science is an international journal which focus on the topics contributing to a better understanding of surfaces, interfaces, nanostructures and their applications. The journal is concerned with scientific research on the atomic and molecular level of material properties determined with specific surface analytical techniques and/or computational methods, as well as the processing of such structures.

This journal accommodates the following topics, but are not limited to:
Surface science of catalysis, electrocatalysis and photocatalysis;
Deposition and growth;
2D assembly;
Surface and interface modification by directed energy deposition (lasers, ion or electron beams) or other techniques such as plasmas;
Surface engineering and functionalization;
Functional surfaces and coatings;
Electrochemistry at surfaces and corrosion protection strategies;
Surface science applied to energy conversion and storage;
Surface nanotechnology and devices;
Semiconductors - surface and interface;


Publisher’s Note


We are pleased at the constructive and collaborative manner in which we were able to work with the Editorial Board Member. We appreciate those of scholars who help and surpport us running the Journal. We are reaching primary goal of launching journal, we hope our scholars will continue to pay attention and participate enthusiastically, and submit some high quanlity papers to our Journal. Thank you!

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