Research on the Overall and Local Mechanical Behaviors of Steel Box Girder Cable-Stayed Bridge via Incremental Launching Construction

  • Piyun Zhang Yunnan Jiaotou Highway Construction Sixth Engineering Co., LTD
  • Xinwen Jiang Yunnan Jiaotou Highway Construction Sixth Engineering Co., LTD
  • Huilian Gan Yunnan Jiaotou Highway Construction Sixth Engineering Co., LTD
Keywords: Incremental Launching Construction, Steel Box Girder Bridge, Overall Stress Analysis, Local Stress Analysis, Elastic Cushion, Safety


In this paper, a large-span cable-stayed bridge with double pylons and double cable planes is employed to study the overall and local mechanical behaviors. The steel box girder bridge is constructed by incremental launching with the maximum span of 50 m. Through the overall stress analysis, the most unfavorable stress position of the structure in the incremental launching construction is identified; the refined local stress analysis is carried out for the girder section at this position, and the local stress characteristics of the structure are studied. The mechanical performance and the applicability of incremental launching are determined by comparing four kinds of elastic cushion. This paper aims at improving the safety of incremental launching construction of steel box girder bridge, and can provide reference for similar projects.


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GB 50017:2017 Standard for design of steel structures.

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