Analytical Modeling of Solar Cells

  • Mohammed Rasheed Applied Sciences Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Suha SHIHAB
Keywords: Modified Aitken's method, Aitken's method, Newton-Raphson method, PV cell, single-diode design


In the present work, a modified method is utilized to find the real roots of nonlinear equations of a single-diode PV cell by combining the modified Aitken's extrapolation method (MAEM), Aitken's extrapolation method (AEM) and the Newton-Raphson method (NRM), describing, and comparing them. The extrapolation method (MAEM) and (AEM) in the form of Aitken –acceleration is applied for improvement the convergence of the iterative method (Newton-Raphson) technique. Using a new improve to Aitken technique on (NRM) enables one to obtain efficiently the numerical solution of the single-diode solar cell nonlinear equation. The speed of the proposed method is compared with two other methods by means of various values of load resistance (R) in the range between R ∈ [1, 5] and with the given voltage of the cell  as an initial value in ambient temperature. The results showed that the proposed method (MAEM) is faster than the other methods (AEM and NRM).

Author Biography

Mohammed Rasheed, Applied Sciences Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Mohammed S. RASHEED: He was born in Baghdad in 1971. He had her B.Sc., M.Sc. degrees in Applied Physics from University of Technology, Baghdad (Iraq) in 03/09/1992, 17/05/1995 respectively, and Ph.D. degree in University of Angers, Angers (France) in 12/12/2017. He has become a Assistant professor at 11\11\2018. He has research gate h-index 3, Scopus h-index 3 and more than 30 published articles inside, outside Iraq and most of them in Clarivate journals. He was having a many research group on Preparation and characterization of semiconducting thin films and nanostructures produced by Spin Coating and Dip Coating (Sol Gel) technique. As well, He is a member of a research groups on preparation and characterization of semiconducting thin films by chemical bath deposition (CBD) and preparation and characterization of Ceramic and Polymer materials produced by many techniques like solid-state, hydrothermal and Sol gel. Authored one book on laser communication system and published it in Lambert Academic Publishing in 2012 in Germany. He reviewer for two international journals indexed in (Springer & Elsevier). He participate in more than 12 conferences all of them outside Iraq in France, Romania, Algeria and Tunisia.


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