Insight - Mapping  serves as a carrier for mapping geographic information science and technology and research achievements. It also serves as a position for talent development and academic exchange in the industry of mapping geographic information, and insists the principle of quality-first of academic papers. Insight Mapping  tracks international technology frontiers, explores the development direction of mapping geographic information technology, pays attention to the development trend of disciplines, demonstrates the development level of mapping geographic information technology, and publicizes innovative surveying and mapping geographic information scientific and technological achievements, serves as a platform for peer academic exchange and cooperation in international mapping geographic information.

Scope of the Journal: It covers mapping geographic information, such as geodesy, global navigation satellite system,  remote sensing,  aerial photogrammetry,  engineering measurement,  cartography, geographic information system,  mine survey, marine surveying, cadastral mapping, map printing, mapping instruments, information transmission and so on and some related disciplines.

Main Section of the journal: express papers, academic papers, abstract of doctoral dissertations, etc.

Audience of the journal: researchers of related research institutions in global mapping geographic information, university teachers and students,  mapping geographic information industry professionals, and related science and technology workers in neighboring disciplines.