Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Insight - Nuclear Science


Applied Radiation journal provides and publish papers containing substantial novelty and scientific impact. Manuscripts dealing with radiation processing , results of measurements of radioactive and peaceful nuclear radiation technique. Applications relevant to the journal, particularly where they present novel detection techniques, novel analytical approaches or novel materials, include:Nuclear Geophysics, Radiation sources, Measurements of radiation and radioactivity, Environment. 


The Lead Guest Editor

Mohamed A. El-Sadek

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Journal Notice: Economic and environmental impact of nuclear energy generation


The usage of green energy sources increases the energy security because it brings extensive socio-economic benefits. Nuclear power is one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gases available to generate electricity among other energy sources. 

The Lead Guest Editor

Mounir Ben Mbarek

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Journal Notice: Simulation and Computational Methods in Nuclear Science and Engineering


There are several computational methods and softwares which widely used in different subjects in the field of nuclear sciences and engineering like safety, designing, etc. In this Special Issue, the computational tools are the Monte Carlo codes (MCNP, GEANT4, FLUKA, EGS5, etc.) and Finite-Elements Softwares and the scope of the special issue is applications and also validation of these tools in various subjects in the field of nuclear science.

The Lead Guest Editor

Farshid Tabbakh

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Journal Notice: Call for papers for the Special issue: Insight - Nuclear Science


Insight - Nuclear Science is a unique journal published in English in the field of nuclear research. This periodical is devoted to the publication of fundamental research papers. The coverage spans all aspects of nuclear science and technology including theories, experiments and applications. 

The Lead Guest Editor

Shimaa Abdelalla Ahmed

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Journal News: Publisher’s Note


We are pleased at the constructive and collaborative manner in which we were able to work with the Editorial Board Member. We appreciate those of scholars who help and surpport us running the Journal. We are reaching primary goal of launching journal, we hope our scholars will continue to pay attention and participate enthusiastically, and submit some high quanlity papers to our Journal. Thank you!

Posted: 2018-09-14
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