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The main columns of the journal are: review and monographs, AC drives, DC drives, computer applications, microcomputer and PLC applications, automatic control theory, automatic control systems, control technologies, design calculations, lectures, international information, industrial applications.

The manuscripts require novel subjects, real content, clear arguments, clear levels, reliable data, and smooth sentences. Articles generally do not exceed 8000 words. It is recommended that everyone contribute via e-mail.

The number of authors or signed authors should not exceed 5, and no more than 3 author agencies.  The first author must attach a profile  including work agency, address, zip code, age, gender, ethnic, education, title, position. Other authors attach the authors’ agencies.

In order to ensure the authority of the journal, we will prevent any form of plagiarism. Manuscripts are the responsibility of the author and the editorial office has the right to make necessary changes.  The manuscript has not received the notice of retreat or employment within 2 months. The author can handle it on his own initiative and vote in another journal.  Non-recruited manuscripts are generally not returned, please leave the copy.


Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Insight-Power and Electrical


A smart grid uses digital technology to improve reliability, security, and efficiency of the electric system. Due to the vast number of stakeholders and their various perspectives, there has been debate on a definition of a smart grid that addresses the special emphasis desired by each participant. 

The Lead Guest Editor

Javad Ansari

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