Analysis and Countermeasure of Sow’s Postnatal

Yixiang Sun


In the delivery, the sow postpartum non-eating disease is often occurs, once the disease, if not cured, the occurrence of the disease will lead to sows lack of milk or no milk, aff ecting sow and piglets growth and development (for example, Piglets yellow and white diarrhea), more serious and even death, can also lead to sow death or forced to eliminate, aff ecting the normal production and reproduction of the continued, to the pig industry to bring some economic losses. In this paper, the sow postnatal do not eat the careful observation, do the corresponding experiments and records, the system introduced the sow postpartum not eat the performance and impact, and fi nally according to the sow postnatal do not eat the diff erent factors, to take the appropriate countermeasures and Prevention. Through comparison, a more comprehensive comprehensive prevention and control program is obtained.


sow postpartum; non-food factor; countermeasure

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ivs.v1i1.125


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