Determination of IgG in Serum and Egg Yolk of Goose

  • Zhiyuan Ai
Keywords: goose, immunoglobulin G, ELISA


Immunoglobulin G (IgG) refers to animal protein with antibody activity. In poultry, the mother can pass their own immunoglobulin to the off spring through the egg, and play a protective role for the off spring [20]. In this study, 102 samples of Jilin white goose were tested by ELISA. The IgG content of IgG and goose embryo in egg yolk during the development of goose embryo was tested. The results showed that the IgG content in goose serum and egg yolk was 14.707μg / mL and 3967.62μg / mL at 14.5 days, and 1495.6413μg / mL and 2821.363μg / mL at 34.5 days (3.5 days).


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