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Insight - Forestry

Insight - Forestry is a peer-reviewed journal publishing fundamental and applied research that explores all aspects of natural and social sciences as they apply to the function and management of the forested ecosystems of the world. The journal aims to advance the profession of forestry by keeping forest professionals informed about significant developments and ideas in the many facets of forestry: sustainable forestry, tropical deforestation, climate change, carbon sequestration, forest genetic resources, entomology and pathology, fire & fuels management, forest ecology, international forestry, biometrics, measurements, silviculture, soils and hydrology, urban and community forestry, forest policy, forest management and wildlife management.

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Insight - History

Insight - History is an international peer-reviewed open access journal which welcomes contributions both in the long-established areas of the history of the sciences and in the topical areas of historiography of the sciences, the sciences in relation to gender, culture and society and the sciences in relation to arts, physics, biology and medicine. Historiography of other disciplines are also welcomed. The journal aims to review recent historical literature, mainly in the form of historiographical reviews and review articles. The journal provides a forum for younger scholars making a distinguished debut as well as publishing the work of historians of established reputation.

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Insight - Mechanics

Insight - Mechanics publishes articles in English in all areas of Mechanics from the physical and mathematical basis to materials engineering, technological applications and methods of modern computational mechanics, both pure and applied research. The field of Mechanics will be understood to encompass the behavior of continua, fluids, solids, particles and their mixtures. Submissions must contain a strong, novel contribution to the field of mechanics, and ideally should be focused on current issues in the field involving theoretical, experimental and/or applied research.
The scope of the journal includes but not limits to: Mechanics of materials; thermodynamics; elasticity; plasticity; creep damage; fracture; composites and multiphase materials; micromechanics; structural mechanics; stability vibrations; wave propagation; robotics; contact; friction and wear; optimization, identification; the mechanics of rigid bodies; biomechanics.

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Insight - Archeology

Insight - Archeology aims at archaeologists and scientists with particular interests in advancing the development and application of scientific techniques and methodologies to all areas of archaeology. The journal provides an international forum for archaeologists and scientists from widely different scientific backgrounds who share a common interest in developing and applying scientific methods to inform major debates through improving the quality and reliability of scientific information derived from archaeological research. Research areas of the journal includes but isn’t limited to anthropology, cultural geography, cultural resources management, elemental archaeologies, ethnography, experimental archaeology, historical archaeology, oceanography, the archaeology of buildings and the archaeology of water.

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Insight - Military Medicine

Insight - Military Medicine is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that focuses on basic and clinical studies in military medicine, including etiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis, screening, monitoring, treatment, rehabilitation and clinical practice guidelines for a better care of military forces, veterans and their families. The objective of the journal is to promote awareness of medicine by providing a forum for responsible discussion of common ideas and problems relevant to healthcare and to increase healthcare education by providing scientific and other information to its readers. The journal is characterized by the applied multidisciplinary research for improvement in the level of knowledge, practice and technologies in military medicine, emergency care, disaster medicine, and their related subjects. Additionally, we encourage high quality and evidence-based research in various armed force health aspects including policy development, economic analysis and system management as well as patients’ perspective about military health services.

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Insight - Military Science

Insight - Military Science is a peer-reviewed open access multidisciplinary journal publishing original research articles in selected areas of military studies. It aims to disseminate original scholarship in strategic and military studies to an academic audience. The journal focuses on technology management and exploitation, technological choices and requirements, tactical considerations etc. giving support to Battle Field Analysts as well as Academic Officer Education. The journal publishes articles from the following areas of military studies: operational art and tactics, military technology and operational analysis, capabilities e.g. defence inventory and acquisition, military strategy and international politics, military pedagogy, military social sciences, like human factors,
military leadership and organisation, military history, etc.

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Insight - Economics

Insight - Economics is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal which provides an outlet for research in all areas of economics based on rigorous theoretical reasoning and on topics in mathematics that are supported by the analysis of economic problems. Published articles contribute to the understanding and solution of substantive economic problems.
Among the topics addressed in the journal are classical and modern equilibrium theory, cooperative and non-cooperative game theory, macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic system, social choice and welfare, uncertainty and information, intertemporal economics (including dynamical systems), public economics, international and developmental economics, financial economics, money and banking, and industrial organization.

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Insight - Education

Insight - Education publishes regular papers and special issues on specific topics of interest to international audiences of educational researchers. The aim of the journal is to help them better understand each other's role in the overall process of education and how they may support each other. 
The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to: Educational systems architectures, Computer-mediated communication, Distance education/learning, Distance learning systems, Distributed learning environments, Educational multimedia, Human-computer interface issues, Hypermedia systems/applications, Interactive learning environments, Learning by doing, Multimedia systems/applications, Network-based learning environment, Online education, Simulations for learning, Web based instruction/training, Intelligent learning environments, Intelligent tutoring environments, Collaborative learning & environment, Didactic/pedagogical issues, Teaching/learning strategies.

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Insight - Basic Medicine

Insight - Basic Medicine is an international peer-reviewed open access journal which aims at providing a scientific medium of communication for researchers in basic medicine throughout the globe. Subject areas suitable for publication include, but are not limited to the following fields: history of medicine, experimental pathology, forensic medicine and toxicology, medical biochemistry, environmental pathology, regional anatomy, molecular pathology, physics in medicine, systemic anatomy, pathobiology, other disciplines of human anatomy, pathological anatomy, medical cell biology, pathophysiology, plant & animal physiology, human physiology, systemic pathology, medicinal plants, human tissue embryology, basis pharmacology, human immunology, biochemical pharmacology, medical genetics, clinical pharmacology, medical microbiology, immunopharmacology, medical virology, molecular pharmacology, radiation medicine, medical psychology, comparative pathology.

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Insight - Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology is a leading journal for the rapid publication of science and technology papers on a wide range of topics in applied environmental studies, from environmental engineering to environmental biotechnology, the circular economy, municipal and industrial wastewater management, drinking-water treatment, air- and water-pollution control, solid-waste management, industrial hygiene and associated technologies.
Environmental Technology is intended to provide rapid publication of new developments in environmental technology. The journal has an international readership with a broad scientific base. Contributions will be accepted from scientists and engineers in industry, government and universities.

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Insight - Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering focuses upon three aspects of chemical engineering: chemical reaction engineering, environmental chemical engineering, and materials synthesis and processing.
The Chemical Engineering is an international research journal and invites contributions of original and novel fundamental research. The journal aims to provide an international forum for the presentation of original fundamental research, interpretative reviews and discussion of new developments in chemical engineering. Papers which describe novel theory and its application to practice are welcome, as are those which illustrate the transfer of techniques from other disciplines. Reports of carefully executed experimental work, which is soundly interpreted are also welcome. The overall focus is on original and rigorous research results which have generic significance.

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Insight - Chemistry

Insight - Chemistry is a truly international journal with top quality contributions. It publishes a wide range of outstanding Reviews, Minireviews, Concepts, Full Papers, and Communications from all areas of chemistry and related fields.
Insight - Chemistry provides an excellent platform for increasing the visibility of chemistry as well as for featuring the best research from authors from around the world. 
All manuscripts are peer-reviewed, and electronic processing ensures accurate reproduction of text and data, plus short publication times.
The Concepts section provides nonspecialist readers with a useful conceptual guide to unfamiliar areas and experts with new angles on familiar problems.

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Insight - Nuclear Science

Nuclear Science is a unique journal published in English in the field of nuclear research. This periodical is devoted to the publication of fundamental research papers. The coverage spans all aspects of nuclear science and technology including theories, experiments and applications. A special interest lies in the subjects of synchrotron radiation applications, beam line technology, low energy accelerator, ray technology and applications, nuclear chemistry, radiochemistry and radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine, nuclear electronics and instrumentation, nuclear physics and interdisciplinary research, nuclear energy science and engineering as well.

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Insight - Aviation & Aerospace

Insight - Aviation & Aerospace is a scholarly publication targeted towards educators, researchers and professionals in the aviation and aerospace industry. The journal focuses on the ways in which the aviation and aerospace community influences the educational process as well as the effects that education has on the industry. Although many of the articles cover topics relevant to colleges and universities, the editors also encourage the submission of manuscripts related to secondary and elementary education. It seeks a wide range of scholarly submissions focusing on aviation and aerospace curriculum development, innovative methods of instruction for all levels of education, significant research relating to the topics of aviation and aerospace education, industry research, and partnerships between education and industry.

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Insight - Management

Management is a flagship scholarly journal, publishing internationally leading research across all areas of management. Its articles challenge the status quo through critically informed empirical and theoretical investigations, and present the latest thinking and innovative research on major management topics, while still being accessible and interesting to non-specialists.
Management articles are characterized by their intellectual curiosity and diverse methodological approaches, which lead to contributions that impact profoundly on management theory and practice. We welcome interdisciplinary research that synthesizes distinct research traditions to shed new light on contemporary challenges in the broad domain of management. Cross-cultural investigations addressing the challenges for European management scholarship and practice in dealing with global issues and contexts are strongly encouraged.

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Insight - Law research

Law Research explores the whole range of topics related to law and is an essential resource for both scholars. 
Law Research is an academic journal managed by group of law professionals for providing a platform to Law Students/Academicians/Lawyers and other members of the fraternity to contribute Articles, Notes, Case Comments, Legislative Comments or Book Reviews etc.
Law Research is one of those international periodicals aiming to establish a multidisciplined law journal, not restricting its ambit to a particular subject but venturing each time with a fresh theme that shall be the theme of the particular issue, inviting manuscripts on the selected theme. In consonance to the spirit of multifaceted holistic development of the subject Law Research seeks to establish itself to one of the most sought after journals catering to multiple disciplines of law.

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Insight - Animal Husbandry Science

Animal Husbandry Science is a global peer-reviewed journal targeted on publishing original contributions and review articles in the major fields of Animal Husbandry. It substitutes all clinical, medical, scientific and covers all major fields of application in Husbandry Science.

Subject areas include, but are not restricted to the following fields:
Animal husbandry
Animal nutrition
Biological science
Infectious diseases
Animal physiology
Animal breeding
Animal biotechnology
Food Safety
Transgenic animal production
Pharmacological medicine
Animal parasitology
Animal feed and nutrition

We aim to:
Promote the advancement of Animal Husbandry in Asian country.
Undertake publication of scientific bulletins, proceedings and monographs.
Publish News Letter that is important to form awareness regarding the Society and Animal Husbandry Science amongst professionals, students and farmers.
Pursue the issues associated with Animal Husbandry Science.
Collaborate with different societies and associations of the Animal Husbandry Science.

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Insight - Security Technology

Insight-Security Technology publishes articles and papers that report on and analyze the latest research and innovation in every area of security. Security Technology offers sophisticated insight into the latest research and progress in the field of security. The journal presents authoritative information on the latest developments and on current issues, in an accessible style that appeals to researchers and working professionals alike.
The journal covers specific types of crime, including burglary, armed robbery, fraud, shoplifting, workplace violence, organized crime, bomb threats and political violence. Specialized settings are also discussed, including nuclear safety, aviation, rail transport, maritime piracy, crime in public spaces and events and more. As technology expands, the journal devotes coverage to computer and information security, cybercrime, and data analysis in investigation, prediction and threat assessment. Management topics covered include evaluation of security measures, anti-crime design and planning, staffing, and regulation of the security industry.

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Insight - Clinical Medicine

Insight - Clinical Medicine is a peer reviewed publication of original scientific medical research that is relevant to a broad audience of medical researchers and healthcare professionals. 
Articles are published quarterly in the following topics:
• Medicine
• Clinical Research
• Evidence-based Medicine
• Preventive Medicine
• Translational Medicine
• Rural Health
• Case Reports
• Epidemiology
• Basic science
• History of Medicine
• The Art of Medicine
• Non-Clinical Aspects of Medicine & Science.

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Insight - Cytology

Insight - Cytology covers all aspects of diagnostic cytology, including fine needle aspiration cytology, gynecological and non-gynecological cytology. Articles on ancillary techniques, like cytochemistry, immunocytochemistry, electron microscopy, molecular cytopathology, as applied to cytological material are also welcome. The journal gives preference to clinically oriented studies over experimental and animal studies. The Journal would publish peer-reviewed original research papers, case reports, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and debates. 

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Insight - Biochemistry

Insight - Biochemistry provides an international forum for publishing exceptional, rigorous, high-impact research across all of biological chemistry. This broad scope includes studies on the chemical, physical, mechanistic, and/or structural basis of biological or cell function, and encompasses the fields of chemical biology, synthetic biology, disease biology, cell biology, nucleic acid biology, neuroscience, structural biology, and biophysics. In addition to traditional Research Articles, Biochemistry also publishes Communications, Viewpoints, and Perspectives, as well as From the Bench articles that report new methods of particular interest to the biological chemistry community.

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Insight - Automatic Control

Insight - Automatic Control highlights the following aspects:

1. Cutting-edge technology: Mainly reports on the new trend of global automation technology development, new technology, new products and experience as well as understandings in various application fields.

2. Frequency conversion energy saving, soft-starting system: Inverter, soft start system design, product selection, debugging and maintenance, report the actual system engineering, improve the reader's ability to solve practical problems.

3.PLC and man-machine interface control system: The application of PLC and man-machine interface in power plant, coal mine, water plant, metallurgy, paper, machinery, petrochemical, chemical, textile, building materials and other industries is reported.

4. Sensor detection system: The application cases of sensors and transmitters in various industries are reported, and the scheme, engineering design, fault diagnosis and treatment methods are proposed.

5. Intelligent instrumentation: To report the successful application of modern instrument and instrument mature technology in various industrial fields, experience in installation, debugging and troubleshooting of instrumentation, the problems and solutions of various instruments and systems in use by engineers and technicians.

6. Solutions: Report on solutions about industrial automation control system (including DCS control system, embedded system, field bus and other automatic control system) used in mechanical electronics, petrochemical, metallurgy, electricity, communications, environmental protection, aerospace, municipal construction, transportation, construction and other industries (automatic control engineering, design).

ISSN: 2630-4724

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Insight - Civil Engineering

Insight - Civil Engineering is an academic journal of civil Engineering and engineering management, which is issued globally. Our mission is to publish original research papers in civil engineering, which can reflect the latest research trend and development direction of civil engineering and engineering management discipline. The journal also seeks to provide reference to civil engineering and engineering management in areas related to teaching, scientific research and engineering application.

The journal mainly includes research papers on the following topics: building structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, disaster prevention and reduction engineering and protective engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, road and railway engineering, and engineering management. The journal is committed to the publication of the original new technology of engineering application. In particular, papers are required to be innovative, academic, scientific and concise.

ISSN: 2630-4716

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Insight - Communication

Insight - Communication is a practical and marketized professional communication academic journal, the aim of Insight Communication is to “promote the development of international communication industry, popularize and improve communication technology”, meanwhile, it insists on the policy about combination of theory and practice, combination of popularization and improvement as well as advancement is equally important with practicability.

Mainly report on information source processing, transmission, business and system, network, mobile communication, information security and other advanced technologies, theoretical research results and latest developments. Focus on the innovation, practicality, systematicness and directivity of the article. And always maintain a certain amount of basic technology, advanced technology and application technology and other aspects. In terms of practicality, the articles are closely combined with the needs of production, scientific research, decision-making and teaching in the industry, and the articles with strong practicability make up more than 70% of the total number of articles published in the whole year.

In terms of directivity, this journal can make good use of its advantages as a source of information. To give full play to foresight and guidance for the proper development of scientific research work, the smooth progress of production construction and the accelerated birth of scientific research achievements through summarization, advanced information, competing articles and articles on the frontier task of this subject. 

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Insight - Energy Science

Insight--Energy Science is an international, multi-disciplinary journal in energy sector and research. The target of the journal is to be a leading in introducing theoretical and experimental novel ideas and innovative research work in addition to an authoritative source of information for analyses, reviews and evaluations related to energy sector.

This journal is covering all energy and related subjects in engineering and technology, and strongly focus on energy materials, thermal sciences, energy analysis, energy modeling and prediction, integrated energy systems, energy storage, energy conversion, renewable and sustainable energy in addition to energy planning and energy management.



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