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Insight - Mine Engineering

Insight - Mine Engineering is a comprehensive journal about mining and beneficiation of nonferrous metal mines, its content is closely connected with mine production and equipment application. This journal mainly reports on the global mine production and scientific research achievements, introduces new technology, new craft, new material and new equipment used in international mine as well as experience on how to strengthen scientific management and reduce energy consumption. It has great influence on the nonferrous metal mines, gold mines and other nonferrous enterprises.

Insight Mine Engineering adheres to the aims and purposes of promoting international scientific and cultural exchanges, exploring the rules of education, teaching and management of disaster prevention, and livening up the academic atmosphere. Besides, it also serves for scientific research and teaching.

Column Establishment of Insight Mine Engineering:

geology and mining, beneficiation, enterprise management, computer application, and others.

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Insight - Transportation

Insight - Transportation is a high-level academic journal in the field of transportation and is published worldwide. The scope of the journal covers five major means of transportation: railways, highways, air, and marine transportation. Specifically, it covers but not limited to highway and railway engineering, vehicle operation engineering, transportation planning and management, and traffic information engineering and control. The journal aims at reflecting the comprehensive traffic pattern, spreading transportation technology research, promoting the transformation of transportation scientific and technological achievements. It will serve the first-level discipline construction of transportation engineering, discover and cultivate talents in the transportation sector, and promote the academic exchange between China and the world. The journal focuses on the forefront of science and technology, reports of the latest scientific and technological achievements, and gives priority to the publication of papers from fund projects and key programs. The journal is committed to rapid peer-review and publication of the most advanced scientific and technological achievements.

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Insight - Computer Technology

Insight - Computer Technology reports on the development of international computer science and technology, involves a wide range of methodologies and techniques, as well as research findings that reflect the new seedling and the role of the future.

Purpose of the journal: Adhering to the combination of "frontier discipline" and "basic research", "core technology" and "supporting technology", "advocating" and "contend", liven up the academic atmosphere in the field of computer science and technology, fight for the progress of international computer science and technology unswervingly.

Main columns: Overview, network and communication, information security, software and database technology, artificial intelligence, graphic image and pattern recognition, etc.

Readers: researchers, engineers and technicians engaged in computer research and development, teachers and students working on computer and related majors in universities.

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Insight - Mechanical Engineering

Insight - Mechanical Engineering reflects the major academic progress in the field of international mechanical engineering, reports the latest academic information of the International Mechanical Engineering Society system, spreads major mechanical and technological achievements, follow the track of the latest developments in the world's mechanical engineering, focusing on perfecting mechanical and scientific personnel. Knowledge structure as the main content; to explore the development trend of disciplines, promote the exchange of academic achievements, improve the personnel quality of scientific and technological, and promote the scientific and technological progress of enterprises for the purpose; to "basic machinery engineering", "smart manufacturing", "sustainable manufacturing", "advanced materials Processing engineering, service-oriented manufacturing, micro-nano machinery, additive manufacturing, etc. are the main columns; the characteristics of running a magazine are deep content, wide visual field, strong strain capacity, high quality, thick foundation.

The characteristics of journal:

Interdisciplinary, deep content, wide visual field, strong strain capacity, high quality, thick foundation

Main columns:

Basic Mechanical engineering
Intelligent Manufacturing
Sustainable Manufacturing
Advanced Material Processing Engineering
Service-oriented Manufacturing
Contention and Self-examination

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Insight - Engineering and Technology

Insight - Engineering and Technology will highlight new technologies, new processes, and new methods in the field of engineering, reflecting new achievements and progress in the fields of engineering, such as architecture, hydropower, petrochemical, and so on, enhancing the exchange of engineering and technology industries and the display of results, and promoting the development of international engineering technology and science and technology

Main Section of the journal:
Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology, Surveying and Mapping Technology, Material Science, Mining Engineering, Oil and Gas, Geological Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Technology, Electronic Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Automation , computer engineering, textile technology, light industry, food science and technology, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, transportation engineering, aerospace, weapon science and technology, energy science and technology, environmental science and technology, security science and technology, engineering design, safety and quality, theory and practice, etc.

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Insight - Textile Technology

Insight - Textile Technology covers three aspects all-around: major academic achievements in textile industry, garment industry, chemical fiber manufacturing industry, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries industry and dedicated manufacturing of textile equipment industry; new progress, new technology, new craft, new design, new products, new equipment; new ideas and methods for textile management and teaching. Highlight innovation, intersection and systematization; focus on practicality, knowledge and readability.

It is an important publication that helps technicians, teachers and students with carrying out scientific research, teaching and academic title evaluation; it is a must read magazine for industry manufacturers and practitioners; it is also an important reference material for textile industry personnel to purchasing equipment and materials.

Authoritative expert team, rich technical reserve, comprehensive industry information, it is your preferred think tank for solving textile industry and related problems. The main columns includes: industry observation, special edition, special focus, interview fiber technology, exhibition meeting, spinning technology weaving, knitting dyeing and finishing, textile chemicals, non-woven technology and industrial textiles, product development clothing technology, standards and testing, textile science and education information click, and others.

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Insight - Power and Electrical

Insight - Power and Electrical has a wide readership group, with the heads of science and technology departments; the majority of scientific and technical personnel, managers, distributors and senior skilled workers in design institutes, research institutes and related companies in the power and electrical industries; institutions of higher education and secondary professional teachers and researchers and students in related fields of electrical automation in professional and technical schools.

The main columns of the journal are: review and monographs, AC drives, DC drives, computer applications, microcomputer and PLC applications, automatic control theory, automatic control systems, control technologies, design calculations, lectures, international information, industrial applications.

The manuscripts require novel subjects, real content, clear arguments, clear levels, reliable data, and smooth sentences. Articles generally do not exceed 8000 words. It is recommended that everyone contribute via e-mail.

The number of authors or signed authors should not exceed 5, and no more than 3 author agencies. The first author must attach a profile including work agency, address, zip code, age, gender, ethnic, education, title, position. Other authors attach the authors’ agencies.

In order to ensure the authority of the journal, we will prevent any form of plagiarism. Manuscripts are the responsibility of the author and the editorial office has the right to make necessary changes. The manuscript has not received the notice of retreat or employment within 2 months. The author can handle it on his own initiative and vote in another journal. Non-recruited manuscripts are generally not returned, please leave the copy.

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Insight - Electronic

Insight - Electronic is a professional academic and technical journal. It mainly publishes manuscripts of latest academics, technical papers, engineering technologies application and industry review in the fields of electronic technology applications, communications engineering, computer science technology and applications, network security and information, optoelectronic materials and other scientific research institutions in universities, research institutes, and electronics industry institutions. Our journal adheres to the attitude of strict publication to ensure the seriousness and academic nature of the journals.

The main columns are:
Electronics & integrate circuit
Protocol • algorithm and simulation.
Image • coding and software.
Confidentiality and network security.
Photoelectric material
Practical technology
Monograph review
Teaching Instruments and Experiments


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Insight - Earth Science

Insight - Earth Science is a journal that focuses on the comprehensive study of Earth science. It aims at reflecting the latest and high level research achievements of basic geology, applied geology, resources and environmental geology and geoscienc engineering technology.

The scope of the journal includes but not limited to the followings:

Seismology and Geology
Environmental geology
Marine Geology
Rock minerals and deposit
Atmospheric physics and meteorology
Climate change,
Cartography and geographic information systems
Earth detection and information technology

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Insight - Mapping

Insight - Mapping serves as a carrier for mapping geographic information science and technology and research achievements. It also serves as a position for talent development and academic exchange in the industry of mapping geographic information, and insists the principle of quality-first of academic papers. Insight Mapping tracks international technology frontiers, explores the development direction of mapping geographic information technology, pays attention to the development trend of disciplines, demonstrates the development level of mapping geographic information technology, and publicizes innovative surveying and mapping geographic information scientific and technological achievements, serves as a platform for peer academic exchange and cooperation in international mapping geographic information.

Scope of the Journal: It covers mapping geographic information, such as geodesy, global navigation satellite system, remote sensing, aerial photogrammetry, engineering measurement, cartography, geographic information system, mine survey, marine surveying, cadastral mapping, map printing, mapping instruments, information transmission and so on and some related disciplines.

Main Section of the journal: express papers, academic papers, abstract of doctoral dissertations, etc.

Audience of the journal: researchers of related research institutions in global mapping geographic information, university teachers and students, mapping geographic information industry professionals, and related science and technology workers in neighboring disciplines.

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Insight - Material Science

Insight - Material Science is an international English periodical focusing on the latest developments in the field of materials science.  It mainly publishes creative papers and review articles on the latest research progress in the fields of biomaterials, nanomaterials and other materials science. The journal supports ideological innovation, academic innovation, advocacy science, prosperous academics and academic and ideological integration. It aims to provide an exchange platform for scientists, scholars and scientific researchers worldwide to spread, share and discuss problems and development in different directions related to the field of materials science. 

The manuscript to be submitted is required to be in English in which abstracts and keywords shall be included. The manuscripts will be subjected to a rigorous editorial checking and a fair peer review upon reception. The authors will be given a decision from the editorial office within one month since submission. Manuscripts will be available online upon accepted, and will soon be officially published by PiscoMed Publishing. 


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