Drug Delivery for Chinese Medicine
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
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Dear Colleagues,

Chronic diseases such as cancer, malaria, microbial infections, and others are resulting in great morbidity and mortality around the world every year. The drugs that are used to treat these diseases suffer from several limitations including multi-drug resistance, drug toxicity, poor drug biocompatibility and bioavailability, and poor pharmacological properties. These limitations can be overcome by loading/incorporating respective drugs into the drug delivery systems. Drug delivery systems are usually formulated from polymers, carbon-based materials, lipids, or metals, to transport bioactive agents to the targeted biological environments with improved therapeutic outcomes. The advantages of drug delivery systems are controlled and sustained drug release kinetics, targeted drug delivery, reduced drug toxicity, biodegradability, and they can be used for combination therapy. Their examples include nanoparticles, nanogels, micelles, dendrimers, polymer-drug conjugates, nanoliposomes, nanocapsules, exosomes, etc. These drug delivery systems can be utilized to improve the therapeutic efficacies of Chinese medicine for the treatment of chronic diseases.

In this section collection, we welcome research manuscripts and reviews that are based on drug delivery, specifically, for Chinese drugs for the treatment of various diseases.


Chronic Diseases; Drug Resistance; Drug Toxicity; Chinese Medicine; Drug Delivery Systems; Nanoparticles

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