Exploration on Convergence Paths for Campus Media from the Perspective of New Media

  • Lu Liu Jiangsu Institute of Commerce
  • Boyang Tao Jiangsu Institute of Commerce
  • Jiaqian Song Jiangsu Institute of Commerce
  • Bohui Li Jiangsu Institute of Commerce
  • Ziming Zhou Jiangsu Institute of Commerce
Keywords: Traditional Media, New Media, Campus Media, Interactive Media Technology, Convergence Path


Media convergence is an inevitable trend due to the continuous development of new media. Campus media plays an important role in universities and colleges, such as rightly guiding public opinion, promoting positive energy and disseminating themes. In the context of all-media development and interactive media technology, it is a common issue to think about how to integrate the campus media and promote the establishment of all-media practical education development platform. Seeking to help relevant researchers, this article mainly analyzes the path of media convergence from the perspective of new media, and how to enhance the ideological leading role of students in universities and colleges with the support of interactive media technology.


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