Research on the Impact of Short Videos on Urban Tourism Economy—Taking Douyin as an Example

  • Congcong Jia Anhui University of Finance and Economics
  • Yijie Long Anhui University of Finance and Economics
  • Jinyang Xu Anhui University of Finance and Economics
  • Xin Liu Anhui University of Finance and Economics
Keywords: Short Video, City Tourism, Douyin


Under the background of global tourism, the pace of development of tourism is getting faster and faster. In some areas, tourism has become an indispensable element to promote regional economic development. With the continuous maturity of the new media environment, it has created a new way for urban tourism promotion and promoted urban tourism marketing to a certain extent. Douyin short video is the "outstanding" among the new media, with a large base of young users, and has gradually become an important position for urban tourism marketing. If the vibrato short video can be used reasonably and fully integrated with urban tourism marketing, greater tourism economic benefits can be obtained. Based on this, this article analyzes the role of Douyin short video in urban tourism marketing and puts forward relevant suggestions.


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